OSWPCA: Sunshine / CRAHD-WPCA Memorandum Of Agreement - 8Jul2010

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The Connecticut River Area Health District (CRAHD) agrees to employ a Connecticut licensed Registered Sanitarian who is Phase I/Phase II certified for the purpose of providing services in accordance with the Connecticut Public Heath Code in support of the Old Saybrook Water Pollution Control Authority (WPCA) Wastewater Management District (WWMD) Project. The specific functions are outlined in the attached job description which is Appendix A of this agreement.

The CRAHD will make every effort to have a Sanitarian available when needed in order to keep the WWMD program on schedule.

For Sanitarian services, the WPCA agrees to reimburse the CRAHD $73,892.24 per annum for salary and benefits, an administrative overhead compensation of 10% or $7,389.22, annual recurring expenses of $630.00 and any mutually agreed upon one-time capital expenditures. Mileage for the Registered Sanitarian will be reimbursed at the IRS current year Standard Mileage Rate. The details are listed in the attached Appendix C of this agreement. Any equipment purchased for the use of the Registered Sanitarian for the WWMD project, for which reimbursement from the WPCA is requested, shall belong to the OWSPCA and be used for WWMD purposes only. The CRAHD will invoice the Town/WPCA on a monthly basis.

In addition, the CRAHD agrees to provide Director of Health services as required by Connecticut statutes, regulations, and technical standards, and Town of Old Saybrook ordinances, as detailed in the attached Appendix B of this agreement.

The CRAHD will invoice the Town/WPCA on a monthly basis for all time worked by the DOH for duties specifically related to the implementation of the WWMD at $39.40/hour per plus benefits for a total hourly rate of $53.30. A ten (10) per cent administrative fee will be assessed for a total hourly rate of $58.63. The annual amount shall not exceed $15,000.00 without prior approval of the WPCA.

The WPCA will provide office space at 302 Main Street and a job site trailer as needed.

The CRAHD and WPCA shall together establish forms to track the tasks of CRAHD employees working as part of the WWMD. These forms shall be used to report to, and invoice the WPCA as set forth below. The WWMD Sanitarian shall provide a monthly report to the WPCA which will include daily worksheets the content of which will be agreed upon by both parties.

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The CRAHD shall perform the duties specified in this MOA in a manner consistent with Connecticut statutes, regulations, and technical standards, and Town of Old Saybrook ordinances, and as expeditiously as is consistent with professional skill and care and the orderly progress of the WWMD Program and consistent with applications under the CWF.

The CRAHD compensation will be invoiced to the WPCA in the form and content required by the CWF and this Agreement. The invoice shall be submitted no later than the fifth working day of each month. Immediately after the subsequent WPCA meeting, the WPCA will either:
1. request of the Town that they process the amount of such invoice
2. provide the CRAHD with a written rationale for withholding all or part of the invoiced amount
3. reasonably request access to the books and records of CRAHD.
In the event the WPCA so requests access to the books and records of the CRAHD the WPCA shall, within seven (7) days of so accessing such books and records, either submit a request to the Town for payment of the invoiced amount or provide the CRAHD with a written rationale for withholding all or part of the invoiced amount.

The Town may withhold compensation due to the CRAHD under this Agreement to the extent of any of the following:
The CRAHD has failed to fulfill its obligations under this Agreement.

The CRAHD compensation is not invoiced and evidenced in the manner required in this Agreement.

An invoice includes, without the WPCA's prior written approval, services or actions not included on the WWMD Program.
This agreement may be amended from time to time and only with the approval of the WPCA, First Selectman for the Town of Old Saybrook, the CRAHD Board of Directors and the Director of Health.

This agreement shall remain in effect to June 30, 2011. Any party may terminate this agreement for cause with thirty (30) days notice in writing. Should both parties desire to extend the effective dates of this MOA, the parties shall indicate a desire to enter into negotiations, in writing, to each other on or before March 1, 2011, with the requirement of developing an approved MOA by June 1, 2011 in order for services to continue uninterrupted.

Services will commence on the date of execution of this agreement.

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(signed)                                         (signed)
Mary Jane Engle, R.S., MPH                       Michael A. Pace
Director of Health                               First Selectman
Date: 7/19/10                                    Date: 7/14/10

(signed)                                         (signed)
Richard Smith                                    Eugene Evangelisti
Chairperson                                      Chairperson WPCA
CRAHD Board of Directors                         Date: 7/14/10
Date: 7/14/10

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WWMD Sanitarian

Reports to: Director of Health

Position is a full-time 40 hours per week position with benefits

Job summary

Supports the implementation of Old Saybrook's Decentralized Wastewater Management District Program (WWMD) under the authority of the Water Pollution Control Authority (WPCA). Applies and enforces the requirements of the Connecticut Public Health Code and WWMD Upgrade Program Standards within the WWMD. Duties are related to the investigation and upgrade of decentralized sewage disposal systems.

Summary of essential job functions
• Acts as the regulatory authority for all SSDSs installed in the Old Saybrook Wastewater Management District.

• Participates in Initial Investigations, including soil testing, to determine required property upgrades.

• Works with WPCA representatives and employees„ Contractors/Installers, and/or WPCA Engineer(s) in the field to obtain and record information essential to compliance with the WWMD Upgrade Program Standards.

• Attends and participates in project meetings and conferences, as appropriate.

• Participates in database tracking and reporting for all technical aspects of the Program.

• Review bid documents and provide input.

• Participate in site investigations of water proximity lots and inspections of AT systems as required by the Public Health Code (19-13-B104).

• Provides technical and regulatory input and support to WPCA staff and consultants regarding subsurface sewage disposal systems and database and reporting systems.

• Oversees all aspects of the SSDS upgrades.

Minimum requirements

Registered Sanitarian. Certified in Phase I and II Subsurface Sewage Disposal by the Connecticut Department of Public Health (DPH). At least two (2) years full-time local health department experience in the review and approval of septic system designs, inspection of system installations, and soil testing for the purpose of determining SSDS design/ repair criteria.

Experience in the use of the internet-based data sharing tools .

Abilities required

• Ability to work in a team environment.

• Ability to establish and maintain effective working relationships with local and state officials, contractors and the general public.

• Ability to perform with limited daily supervision.

• Willingness to work under adverse weather conditions.

• Excellent written and verbal communication skills.

• Ability to work in uneven terrain.

• Ability to lift/ carry heavy objects (minimum 30Ibs).

Additional Requirements

• Connecticut Drivers License.

• Use of personal vehicle


The above statements are intended to describe the general nature and level of work being performed by people assigned to this classification. They are not to be construed as an exhaustive list of all responsibilities, duties, and skills required of personnel so classified. All personnel may be required to perform duties outside of their normal responsibilities from time to time, as needed.


Director of Health Tasks for Phase 1

• Attend meetings and workshops with all involved groups, by invitation to represent the CRAHD in the implementation and decision making process.

• Supervise CRAHD staff.

• Review and sign NOEL letters and exhibits.

• Address issues regarding non responsive property owners during the NOEL process.

• Consultation with field staff regarding final determination of lot status where the status is in question following initial investigation.

• Issue legal orders of the Director of Health for upgrades to SSDS lots and system abandonment for AT lots.

• Respond to appeals to legal orders, including defending appeals before the DPH Hearing Officer.

	                        APPENDIX C
                  Breakdown of Costs for WWMD Sanitarian

                        Annual            Monthly
                      ----------         ---------
             Salary   $59,000.00         $4,916.67
  Medical Insurance    $8,244.64           $687.05
     Life Insurance      $318.60            $26.55
            Pension    $3,540.00           $295.00
       Workers Comp    $2,789.00           $232.42
                      ----------         ---------
                      $73,892.24         $6,157.69

10% Administrative overhead

                       $7,389.22           $513.14
                      ----------         ---------
                      $81,281.46         $6,670.83

                      Non Salary and Benefit Costs

Mileage                     IRS rate

Supplies                    $150.00
(tapes, shovel, clipboards etc.)	

Cell Phone                  $480.00        $40.00


Appendix D
to the
Memorandum of Agreement
The Connecticut River Area Health District
The Old Saybrook Water Pollution Control Authority

For all subsurface sewage disposal system upgrades within the Wastewater Management District which do not involve the use of an Advanced Treatment System solution, and are not proposed to be funded with grants and loans from the Connecticut Clean Water Fund, the applicant will be required to submit a courtesy copy of the design of the proposed upgrade to the Old Saybrook Water Pollution Control Authority at the same time as the official copy is submitted to the Connecticut River Area Health District for review and approval.

Courtesy copy is to be sent / delivered to:

Ms. Robbie Marshall, Administrator
Old Saybrook WPCA
302 Main Street
Old Saybrook, CT 06475

(signed)                                         (signed)
Mary Jane Engle, R.S., MPH                       Michael A. Pace
Director of Health                               First Selectman
Date: 7/19/10                                    Date: 7/14/10

(signed)                                         (signed)
Richard Smith                                    Eugene Evangelisti
Chairperson                                      Chairperson WPCA
CRAHD Board of Directors                         Date: 7/14/10
Date: 7/14/10