OSWPCA: Sunshine / Letter to Board of Selectmen, 6Jan11

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------------------------> Joel R. Anderson

                          13 George Drive
                          Old Saybrok CT 06475-2636
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                          6 January 2011
Office of the Board of Selectmen
Michael A. Pace, First Selectman
302 Main Street
Old Saybrook CT 06475-2384

"Show me HALF the money."   

Dear Selectman:

The WWMD 2:1 Yes-vote majority was obtained by the Town's many fraudulent presentations about cost during the run-up to the 11Aug09 Referendum, invalidating the WWMD Ordinance.

Electors, especially the 2:1 majority who were resident outside the then-proposed WWMD, were misled by the Town's presentations into believing that they would pay only half the cost of the WWMD project because the Town fraudulently maintained in its presentations that homeowners within the WWMD would pay the other half.

Here's how the Town represented WWMD costs prior to the 11Aug09 Referendum in, "WPCA Public Education Session for Chalker Beach: June 27, 2009" (Page 7 of the PDF).
Q: When will there be a town meeting and vote?
How much will it cost?

A: The Town meeting will be held on July 29th. The referendum will be on August 11th. The cost of the onsite systems is 40 million dollars, with 25% coming from the Clean Water Fund and 50% from the homeowners, the cost to the Town will be $10 million. There was a meeting with the Board of Finance the other night. This would mean a 1/2 a mill increase for the whole town. A sewer system ($71 million) is estimated to be about 2 mills on the tax rate. One way or another we have to do something. The letter (DEP) last Spring made it clear.
There is no way for the Town's electors to vote money out of other electors' pocketbooks. The Town has been looking for a way for some time, "Old Saybrook WPCA Regular Meeting Minutes: May 10, 2010" (Page 2 of the PDF).
g. Benefit Assessment - Gratia Lewis explained that the Benefit Assessment system is guided by State Statute and will take some time to set up. All assessments will be published in the newspaper as a Public Notice. Our attorneys will be consulted to work on language for the forms and an amendment that is required to our WPCA Ordinance.
There will be no legal language forthcoming from the lawyers for an amendment to the WPCA Ordinance that will permit Peter to rob Paul by a vote. This is such a bizarre concept that; were there anyone competent among the lawyers, the Board of Selectmen, or the WPCA; it should have been caught and crushed before the Town went out and sold the public on fantasy financing, that is, before the 11Aug09 Referendum.

The Town must pay 100 percent of the WWMD cost, not half. The WWMD Ordinance is not valid because the Yes-vote that established the WWMD was induced by the Town's fraudulent representation about the distribution of cost.
                          Very truly yours,

                          Joel R. Anderson

N.B: a copy of this letter is posted to oswpca.com.
  Electronic and paper copies have been distributed
  to interested parties.

Office of the Board of Selectmen
William A. Peace, Selectman
302 Main Street
Old Saybrook CT 06475-2384

Office of the Board of Selectmen
Carol Manning, Selectman
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