OSWPCA: Sunshine / Letter to OSWPCA 6Jul2009

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---------------------------> Joel R. Anderson

                             13 George Drive
                             Old Saybrook CT 06475-2636
                             860 388-9858
                             6 July 2009
WPCA Chairman Pavel Wilson
Old Saybrook Town Hall
302 Main Street
Old Saybrook CT 06475-2369

Dear Chairman Wilson:

Re problems with the integrity of WPCA's presentation.
1. Online maps have been altered to present LESS 
   information to the public than was available in 
   previous versions of the online maps.
Cross-hatching has been eliminated on the current maps. The legend on the current maps draws a conclusion; "Needs New Tank" is a conclusion. The cross-hatching on the previous maps directed users to the online file (which still exists, I saved a copy) 'Legend_Explanation.htm" telling users that the "septic tank is believed to be undersized, and will need to be replaced" - half a conclusion, open to rebuttal.)

The legend on the previous map said "Undersized Septic Tank", which is merely an opinion as was clear then, and would be today had the maps still existed online. Legend_Explanation refers to cross-hatching, and no longer refers to anything meaningful since the WPCA pulled down the maps showing cross-hatching.
2. The WPCA, through its agent, Robbie Marshall, "WPCA 
   Info Specialist, Old Saybrook Water Pollution 
   Control Authority", identified as such in a Letter 
   (Letters to the Editor) to the Harbor News, 
   2Jul2009, lobbied the public using public funds.
   I. e., "Our recommendation for decentralized on-site 
   solutions is the most cost effective," etc., is  
   seeking to paint public opinion into a corner - that 
   the WPCA solution was the best solution for the 
   town - instead of presenting facts.
Given #1 (above) and #2 (here), the WPCA seems to attempting to preempt a voter's decision contrary to the one the WPCA has apparently already decided upon.
3. However the public decides regarding wastewater 
   pollution abatement systems, the reason why the bulk 
   of the expense under the WPCA's current proposed 
   solution should fall to individual property owners 
   in not clear.
The benefits of pollution abatement accrue to the body politic. The benefit to the homeowner is de minimus.

Every home was built to the then existing state or local health code, building code, and subdivision regulations. Now ancient deficiencies in state or local regulations are to be paid for by homeowners instead of the entities that caused the problem, the town or the state. Fairness is an issue.

Homeowners have the aggravation of a pending imposed solution for ground water pollution that, in the absence of proof, is only assumed to be emanating from their property.


The WPCA is leading the public to a WPCA-desired conclusion by withholding from the public more facts, of which the removal of previous maps showing more information is evidence.

The WPCA has consistently suggested group punishment for what are obviously local point-sources of pollution, for which local solutions are available and could be applied at public expense at much lower overall cost than the elaborate scenario envisioned by the WPCA, and not at the expense of the homeowner.

The WPCA has opened the town to litigation for its selective presentation of facts, for its failure to look for and find the actual sources of pollution (to be remedied individually at public expense), and for its lobbying of the public.
                             Very truly yours,

                             Joel R. Anderson
First Selectman Michael Pace
Old Saybrook Town Hall
302 Main Street
Old Saybrook CT 06475-2369