OSWPCA: Sunshine / Query DPH re vetting of CRAHD's Exhibit A - 10Apr2013

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---------------------------> Joel R. Anderson

                             13 George Drive
                             Old Saybrook CT 06475-2636
                             860 388-9858
                             oswpca.com / govtwork.org
                             10 April 2013
Dr. Jewel Mullen, Commissioner
CT Department of Public Health
410 Capitol Avenue
Hartford CT 06134

Dear Commissioner Mullen:

Re (CRAHD) Connecticut River Area Health District's form "Exhibit A."

Is Exhibit A a DPH-vetted and approved form, as Old Saybrook WPCA Chairman Elsa Payne alleged, and recorded in the 25Mar2013 Minutes of the WPCA?
Mr. Cardello inquired as to whether Fuss & O'Neill has been brought into the process to explain how the costs became so high. Chairman Payne responded that Fuss & O'Neill have not been brought into the process as yet and that it is a matter that will be discussed. Mr. Cardello stated that he received notification from an Old Saybrook resident that Exhibit A is fraudulent. What is the WPCA Board's response? Eugene Evangelisti responded, per Chairman Payne's agreement, that Exhibit A is a legal document that was vetted through the Department of Health and the local Health District.
- OSWPCA Minutes 25Mar13
Mr Cardello received a copy of your 21Mar12 letter from me. I am that Old Saybrook resident alleging fraud. Since CRAHD's 16Feb12 "Final Warning" letter, CRAHD has done nothing to make good their threat. If DPH approved 'Exhibit A,' please furnish 1 copy of the document approving. I will pay the nominal copying charge.
                             Very truly yours,
                             Joel R. Anderson

e: CRAHD's 16Feb12 Appendix A "Final Warning" 
        w/accompanying 25Oct12 Notice of Entry letter
    Comm. Mullen's 21Mar2012 re CRAHD Exhibit A
    Old Saybrook WPCA 25Mar13 Minutes, page 6