OSWPCA: Sunshine / FOIA request to WPCA for 3 documents - 17Jul2013

Text facsimile

--------------------------> Joel R. Anderson

                            13 George Drive
                            Old Saybrook CT 06475-2636
                            860 388-9858
WPCA Chairman Elsa Payne
Old Saybrook Town Hall
302 Main St
Old Saybrook CT 06475-2369
Not only does absolute power corrupt absolutely;
it delays fantastically.
-- George Stigler, 1982 Economics Nobel Prize
Dear Chairman Payne:

This is a FOIA request for 3 documents:
1. The Defensive Pact
2. The MOU, Memo of Understanding
3. The Cornfield Park Caveat
The requested documents are undoubtedly available in electronic form either from you or your lawyers.

The documents should be delivered as email attachments sent to sunshineonseptics@gmail.com.

Altternatively, the documents can be posted to your website and the URL emailed.

I will only pay for "best practice," which is to say, not more than $1 per document for copy and delivery.
                             Very truly yours,

                             Joel R. Anderson

N.B: a copy of this letter is posted to oswpca.com.
  Electronic and paper copies have been distributed
  to interested parties.
Sarah Becker, Town Clerk
Town of Old Saybrook
302 Main Street
Old Saybrook CT 06475-2384

Michael E. Cronin, Jr.
Old Saybrook Town Counsel
201 Main Street, P.O. Box 454
Old Saybrook CT 06475

Larry Hayden
Old Saybrook IT Manager
59 Maynard Rd
Old Saybrook CT 06475