OSWPCA: Sunshine / Request for document updating WWMD Caveat - 14Oct2013

Text facsimile

---------------------------> Joel R. Anderson

                             13 George Drive
                             Old Saybrook CT 06475-2636
                             860 388-9858
                             oswpca.com / govtwork.org
                             14 October 2013
WPCA Chairman Elsa Payne
Old Saybrook Town Hall
302 Main St
Old Saybrook CT 06475-2369

Dear Chairman Payne:

Request for a document, part of the Clean Water Fund Program Application Termination, Procedure (quoted below).
"Upon written notification to WPCA and determination by WPCA through review by its staff, the OSWPCA will re- execute the CWF Program Application/Waiver and Access letter (as necessary) to reflect the change of status, send an acknowledgment to the property owner, and, after receipt from property owner of payment (if any) to the OSWPCA as described in Schedule A and executed documents reflecting the change in status, record these documents in the file, update the WWMD Caveat in the Town Clerk's files, and the revised determination will be implemented."
This is a FOIA request for one (1) copy of the document used to "update the WWMD Caveat in the Town Clerk's files."

A copy of either the form (if a form) or a completed "update the WWMD Caveat" document previously filed with the Town Clerk will do.

I will pay the nominal copying charge.
                             Very truly yours,

                             Joel R. Anderson

N.B: a copy of this letter is posted to oswpca.com.
  Electronic and paper copies have been distributed
  to interested parties.