OSWPCA: Sunshine / $5500 septic upgrade is no bargain - 30May2013

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from: joel anderson <sunshineonseptics@gmail.com>
    to: Stephen Mongillo <smongillo@town.old-saybrook.ct.us>

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date: Fri, May 30, 2014 at 8:21 AM

subject: $5500 is not the cost of the average WWMD septic system upgrade

"The average construction costs for a conventional septic system upgrade with septic tank and leach field has totaled about $11,000.
"If a resident is in the Clean Water Fund program, in this example their construction cost-share (at 50 percent of the total charge) would be $5,500. This translates into a twice-yearly payment of $167.51 (for principal and interest) for 20 years. This is a great deal for an upgrade of an older home to current health standards," he continues. "Compare this bill to the annual sewer use fee of $342.60 charged to residents of Connecticut towns of similar size that have sewers and sewage treatment plants."
- Harbor News, 29May14, page 2, "Leader of the Program Team"
Mr Mongillo,

Where does your $5500 total charge come from?

According to "HARD COST BENEFIT ASSESSMENTS," 10 February 2014, the Average Hard Cost is $6,130.87, to which must be added "Soft Cost," legal, engineering and administrative in approximately equal amount.

WPCA direct payroll (10 employees, without benefits) is today running at $530,000 per year. If 200 systems are installed in the year ahead, WPCA payroll alone will add $2650 to the hard cost of each system.

At $342.60/year for sewers, it would take 32 years to spend what it will cost the average WWMD owner today for the septic upgrade program with "soft" costs included, excluding the third-assessment back-end charge for any unpaid cost of any kind when the septic upgrade program is completed.

A "twice-yearly payment of $167.51" equals $335.02 for 20 years.

Even were WWMD owner to accept your $5500 cost as valid, it would still take 16 years of $342.60 sewer payments to equal the the cost of a septic upgrade today.

Waterfront owners forced to install AT systems will pay three times the annual cost of sewers for professional maintenance alone..

Your $5500 charge is not "a great deal" compared to sewers.

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