OSWPCA: Sunshine / Fortuna Jr twice a liar; DEEP hiding - 15Dec2015

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--------------------------> Joel R. Anderson

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                            15 Dec 2015
Hon. Robert Klee, Commissioner
CT Department of Energy and Environmental Protection
79 Elm Street
Hartford CT 06106-5127

"The first time someone shows you who they are, believe them."    
- Maya Angelou           

Dear Commissioner Klee:

Re Old Saybrook's Carl P Fortuna Jr., First Selectman, twice a liar.

1. On 19Mar2013, in an email to then Deputy Commissioner Macky McCleary, Fortuna Jr. wrote "The Town will likely be litigating the issue soon enough."

The passage of 2 3/4 years without litigation makes Fortuna Jr's representation a lie. Fortuna Jr. then was engaged in obstructing DEEP's penalty for the Town's non-performance under DEEP's Consent Decree.

2. On 02Dec2013 Fortuna Jr lied in his letter to DEEP's Dennis Grecci P.E. when he said that upgrades in Cornfield Park were complete.

We live in Cornfield Park (lot 3/242). Our septic system hasn't been upgraded.

If DEEP is willing to accept egregious lying as evidence of "good faith," then DEEP is impervious to a readily verified truth: Carl P. Fortuna Jr can't produce any document (zero, nada, zilch) showing that upgrade work was done on our system, no permit, no installer's invoice, no CRAHD or WPCA inspection, no As-Built plan (map) of the upgraded system.

The Town hasn't acted in good faith to meet its responsibilities under the Stipulation of Judgment.

When will DEEP stop hiding from its responsibility?
                          Very truly yours,

                          Joel R. Anderson
e: 19Mar13 Fortuna Jr to McCleary
    02Dec13 Fortuna Jr to Grecci, P.E.
    10Dec15 Anderson's Letter, Harbor News
c: robert.klee@ct.gov, Elsa Payne <tpayne@snet.net>,

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