OSWPCA: Sunshine / DEEP's 'As previously advised' - 22Jul16

Text facsimile

         from: Kramer, MaryLou <MaryLou.Kramer@ct.gov>
            to: sunshineonseptics@gmail.com
         date: Fri, Jul 22, 2016 at 5:39 PM
     subject: Freedom of Information Request- F-16-443
 mailed-by: ct.gov

Dear Mr. Anderson:

This responds to your request which you submitted to Betsey Wingfield, Bureau Chief, of the Bureau of Water Protection and Land Reuse, on July 20, 2016.

As previously advised, it was the Department's understanding that the Town intended to file a letter on the land records regarding your property's non-compliance with the order issued by the Connecticut River Area Health District on July 18, 2013. However, since this will be a Town issued document for your property, you will have to submit your request directly to the Town.

Thank you.

Mary Lou Kramer, Paralegal
Office of Legal Counsel
Office of the Commissioner
Connecticut Department of Energy and Environmental Protection
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Hartford, CT 06106
Tel: 860-424-3058 (x3058)
Fax: 860 424-4053
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