OSWPCA: Sunshine / Carl Fortuna Jr's $75k Administrator.- 20Apr2013

Text facsimile
--------------------------> Joel R. Anderson

                            13 George Drive
                            Old Saybrook CT 06475-2636
                            860 388-9858
                            20 April 2013
Carl P. Fortuna Jr., First Selectman
Town of Old Saybrook
302 Main Street
Old Saybrook CT 06475-2384

Dear First Selectman Fortuna:

Re WPCA $75k "Administrator" to be hired [Harbor News 18Apr13, page 1] for a transparently illegal program.

On 20Apr12, a year ago, I wrote to you bringing to your attention "questionable Town expenditures in furtherance of the Wastewater Management District (WWMD) septic upgrade program based on a fraudulent document (Town/WPCA/CRAHD "Exhibit A")," You, and Selectmen Geigerich and Gernhardt (who received copies), deigned to reply and took no action.

The whole of WWMD septic upgrade enforcement is dependent on the validity of the Town/WPCA/CRAHD's "Exhibit A," Application, attached to CRAHD's 16Feb2012 "Final Warning," sent to me by Certified Mail # 70100780000013775631 in a WPCA envelope, a copy of which can be found on oswpca.com by its 16Feb12 date.

The Town/WPCA/CRAHD cannot claim to be ignorant of the requirement for approval by the Commissioner of DPH for its Application. The Town's own Ordinance, ARTICLE II, Decentralized Wastewater Management District, [Adopted 8-11-2009], Section 173-24(B) cites, "an application (on a form to be provided by the Director of Health) pursuant to Section 19-13-B103e(c) of the Public Health Code." The Commissioner of Public Health does not approve Exhibit A.

See Commissioner Jewel (M.D., M.P.H., M.P.A.) Mullen's letter of 21Mar12, a copy of which can be found on oswpca.com by its 21Mar12 date.

Two-thirds of electors live outside the WWMD. The administration cannot secure to itself, for political advantage, the benefits of using a fraudulent document to extort money from and deprive an electoral minority of owners of their property, merely to keep down taxes for the electoral majority.
                             Very truly yours,

                             Joel R. Anderson

   Joel Anderson to 1st Sel. Fortuna, Jr., 20Apr12
   CRAHD's Final Warning (w/Exhibit A), 16Feb12
   Comm. Dr. Mullen's letter re Exhibit A, 21Mar12
   Joel Anderson, Harbor News 'Letter' 2Aug12
   WWMD Ordinance page 8, see paragraph "B"
   Joel Anderson to Harbor News, 14Feb12, unpublished

N.B: a copy of this letter is posted to oswpca.com.
  Electronic and paper copies have been distributed
  to interested parties.
Michael A. Spera, Chief
Dept of Police Services
6 Custom Drive
Old Saybrook CT 06475

Agent in Charge
FBI New Haven Field Office
600 State Street
New Haven CT 06511

David B. Fein, US Attorney
US Attorney's Office
Connecticut Financial Center
157 Church Street, Floor 23
New Haven CT 06510

Deputy Commissioner Macky McCleary
CT Dept of Energy & Environment
79 Elm Street
Hartford CT 06106-5127