OSWPCA: Sunshine / 1st Sel. Carl P. Fortuna, Jr. ducks question on legality of WWMD financial ultimatum

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date: Fri, Dec 23, 2011 at 1:27 PM

Carl Fortuna   cfortuna@town.old-saybrook.ct.us
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Mr. Anderson,

1. The other two selectman's emails are

2. I suggest you contact the WPCA about a MOU between the two entities you cite.

3. The attorney referenced in the minutes is Richard Goldstein. He bills at $375.00/hour and was engaged by Michael Pace when a member of the Police Commission questioned whether he, Mr. Pace, had the authority to use legal funds identified in the Police Department budget for Town negotiations with the PD union. Whether there was $17000.00 worth of value in said legal opinion is not a question I can answer.

4. As to your other inquiries, I do not know that I fully understand what you are asking.

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