OSWPCA: Sunshine / Letter from WPCA's Robbie Marshall, 29Nov10

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November 29, 2010

Dear Mr. Anderson,

In response to your email dated November 23, 2010 the WPCA would like to correct your allegation that the Town is "transferring costs of a voter-approved project onto a subset of its citizens."

By instituting an Elderly and Disabled Relief component of the Benefit Assessment policy (as cited in the Connecticut General Statutes Sec 7-255 (c) excerpt below, and reviewed with the CT Office of Policy and Management) Old Saybrook is mitigating some of the burden for a group of residents in the Wastewater Management District. These residents (like those who take advantage of the Circuit Breaker Tax Relief and Small Cities Grant for septic upgrades) are simply deferring their costs by paying only the interest on their loans. These upgrades will ultimately be paid for when the property title changes hands.

Please understand that this policy is meant to help senior and disabled citizens; it does not place the burden on other residents. Like the programs Old Saybrook has made available in the past, anyone that meets the eligibility guidelines is encouraged to apply.

We welcome dialogue from all of Old Saybrook's residents, but certainly hope that they avail themselves of the information in Town Hall and online as well as speaking with the staff and commissions responsible for the programs in question before posting potentially harmful or discouraging misinformation.

Robbie Marshall
WPCA Coordinator

Chapter 103 Municipal Sewerage Systems

See. 7-255. Charges. Hearing. Appeal. Payment by municipalities of charges (11)011 specified classification of property or users. Optional payment plans.

Any municipality may, by ordinance, provide for optional methods of payment of sewer use charges to the water pollution control authority by (1) elderly taxpayers who are eligible for tax relief under the provisions of section 12-129b, section 12-170aa or a plan of tax relief for elderly taxpayers provided by such municipality in accordance with section 12-129n or (2) any taxpayer under the age of sixty-five who is eligible for tax relief under the provisions of a plan for tax relief provided by such municipality in accordance with subdivision (2) of section 12-129n.

Cc: Board of Selectmen