OSWPCA: Sunshine / Minutes: Board of Selectmen - 02Dec1989

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Room 5 - Old Saybrook Town Hall

PRESENT: First Selectman Roger Goodnow, Selectmen Carl Von Dassel and Robert Fish, Executive Assistant Elaine Staplins and members of the Old Saybrook Fire Department.

The meeting was called to order at 1:10 p.m.

Sel. Goodnow suggested that approval of the minutes of 11/16/89 and 11/29/89 be moved to agenda of next regularly-scheduled meeting of 12/7/89 to allow time for review. So MOVED. -. Von Dassel/Fish. Unan.



..During discussion of the Ad Hoc Saybrook Point Development- Committee Sel. Von Dassel suggested a paring down of the committee to nine members. Sel. Goodnow and Fish concurred that there are too many people on the committee but were not in favor of dropping anyone who is presently understood to be a part of the committee. The selectmen reviewed the charges of the committee as outlined in the Resolution adopted at the November 16th Board of Selectmen's meeting. In response to Sel. Goodnow's suggestion that chairmanship of the counittee lie with the Parks and Recreation Commission and the request of Ray Dobratz for that position, Sel. Fish and Von Dassel indicated that a committee works better if it elects its own chairman. The selectmen: agreed to the following amendments to the Resolution adopted at the November 16th Board of Selectmen's meeting.

-Paragraph 7 to read "budget" request, rather than "check" request.

-Paragraph 9. Add "possible" before funding and delete "and development schedules".

-In conclusion, add a sentence to read "a tentative deadline for report to the Board of Selectmen should be February 15, 1990. As. amended, it was a unanimous consensus of the Board of Selectmen to adopt this Resolution

Upon a MOTION of Sel. Fish, seconded by Sel. Goodnow, it was unanimously voted to appoint Sel. Von Dassel as the Board of Selectmen's representative on the Ad Hoc Saybrook Point Development Committee.



..Selectmen reviewed-itemized list, of status of the Fire Department Expenses and Supplies budget as of 12/2/89. An educational and informative discussion followed between the Board and members of the department.

The selectmen indicated that they would present the list at the next Board of Finance meeting and requested that a narrative/explation be prepared giving an overview of how they arrived at the $24,000 figure for apparatus maintenance/repairs (what is spent, what is still to be spent and the fact that the extra items do not fit).

Insurance coverage was discussed with regard to hazardous materials. (The matter is being pursued with Atty. Cronin.)


..Upon a MOTION of Sel. Von Dassel, seconded by Sel. Fish, it was unanimously voted to designate Executive Assistant Elaine Staplins as an Agent for the Board of Selectmen for the purposes of approving disbursements in the event that any or all of the Board of Selectmen are not available to approve and sign disbursements.

..Upon a NOTION of Sel. Von Dassel, seconded by Sel. Fish, it was unanimously voted to authorize Executive Assistant Elaine Staplins to sign check requests for all department budgets.


..RE: Proposed Ad Hoc Sewer Committee
Selectmen attempted to identify clear objectives of proposed committee up to the point of the next referendum. As pertinent information is presently being compiled by Town San. Jack Milkofsky which addresses issues and concerns which need to be satisfied, the selectmen agreed to review Mr. Milkofsky's report in order to determine how to proceed prior to appointment of a committee. The selectmen concurred that input from the community is necessary and acknowledged the importance of communication with the public and that possibly a nine-member committee representing different areas of town and different points of view (pro and con) could supply essential input to the Board. The Board agreed that the committee should not be autonomous, rather it should work with the Board of Selectmen.

Upon receipt of Mr. Milkofsky's report, an informal meeting with the Board, the proposed committee, Hayden-Wegman representatives and Mr. Milkofsky would be in order, the selectmen said. The selectmen discussed creation of a sewer ordinance as a means to address issues of concern.

The Board concluded that responsibility for the success of the next referendum lies ultimately with them. Communication with and education of the public is a priority, they agreed.



--Completion of the Master Plan of Development (be pro active with regard to sewers and affordable housing).

--Coordination of land use boards/commissions. It was a consensus of the Board to appoint Sel. Von Dassel as a liaison in this endeavor. Sel. Fish indicated he would also attend meetings. Addressing the possible need for a town planner through the coordination of these boards was discussed by the selectmen.

--Central purchasing.

--Establishment of a policy regarding consistency in bidding.

--Personnel policy review and update.

--Consolidation of town permit stickers.

--Exploration of possibilities of regionalization of contracting of services (recyling, brush/chipping machine).

--Budget planning (in context of not destroying our tax base).

--Communication with public.

--Periodic newsletter

--Involvement in youth actiivities within the school system.

--Attendance at meetings of boards and commissions (Sel. Fish said that he would attend the Board of Education meetings.)

--Work in partnership for common goals.


..Sel. Von Dassel expressed concern about Westbrook's renewed interest in school regionalization as it would relate to Old Saybrook's current school building project.

..The meeting was adjourned at 4:30 p.m.

Respectfully submitted,
Carol Suits