OSWPCA: Sunshine / Minutes: Board of Selectmen - 05Oct89

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PRESENT: Selectwoman Barbara Maynard
Selectman Philip Ranelli
Selectwoman Shirley Annunziata
Town Counsel Michael Cronin
Town Sanitarian Jack Milkofsky
Mr. Dick Roberts, of Hayden-Wegman
Several interested citizens and members of the press

The meeting was called to order at 8:10 p.m.

Upon a MOTION of Mr. Ranelli, seconded by Mrs. Maynard, the minutes of the Board of Selectmen's meeting of September 25. 1989 were accepted as presented.


Mrs. Maynard reported that the Beach Restoration Project has been advertised; specifications are available in the selectmen's office; bid opening date is 10/17/89.


..Selectmen approved invoices and signed Disbursement Approval Sheet.


..MOTION to approve Tax Refunds per Sec. 12-129, Refund of Excess Payments. Ranelli/Annunziata. Unanimous.

-18.35 to Northeast Savings Bank
-$102.36 to Jerry G. Perkins
-$194.31 to Timothy Parr
-$16.67 to Robert T. Marchant
-$1.56 to Raymond A. Dibble, Sr.
-$9.53 to Beverly Stokes
-$56.91 to Paul Guiliano
-$62.23 to Peter R. Zucco
-$50.26 to Gladys B. O'Flyn
-$213 to Kimberly C. Karr


..Upon a MOTION of Mr. Ranelli, seconded by Mrs. Annunziata, it was unanimously voted to adopt resolution authorizing First Selectwoman Barbara Maynard to sign Pre-Grant Agreement designating CRRA as agent for submitting application to D.E.P. for financial assistance grants.


-Per Atty. Cronin: The Old Saybrook Planning Commission, at its meeting of 10/4/89, unanimously approved the sewer project and recommended that the town go ahead with the three-town agreement and overall project. Clinton and Westbrook will not be signing agreement this week as had been anticipated; the Westbrook Board of Selectmen is not ready to execute this week; the Clinton Board of Selectmen has voted to go along with the agreement and is scheduled to sign next Tuesday. Atty. Cronin received the most recent draft of the agreement at 3 p.m. today. A clause that was added and is of concern to him allows for a recalculation of costs at the end of the design period.

-Discussion was held on the impact this clause may have on Old Saybrook's share of the cost of the design and how it may carry over to construction, operation, and maintenance costs, making it difficult, initially, to request an appropriation for an indeterminate amount of money for the design of the project.

-A general discussion was held between the consulting engineer, the sanitarian and the selectmen on how cost estimates were derived and on whether or not there would be any significant change in the cost of the design of the system. Atty. Cronin recommended that the selectmen not sign this agreement until the question is resolved.

-Discussion was entered into as to how this may affect the timing of the expected decision of the Board of Finance and the overall timeframe of the project; the Board of Finance will be notified of the change in schedule.

-Selectmen requested that Hayden-Wegman and Fuss & O'Neil discuss the clause in question with the attorneys involved in an effort to resolve any differences of opinion.


..Selectmen discussed complaints received regarding the lack of control of dogs by residents and the creation of health hazards to children due to deposits on school property. Mrs. Maynard questioned Atty. Cronin as to the feasibility of a Dog Control Ordinance. Atty. Cronin cited the difficulty of enforcement of an ordinance or a regulation adopted and posted by the schools. Selectmen concurred that ordinances from other towns should be reviewed, and school officials will be requested to post signs.


..MOTION to add to agenda requestsfrom Youth & Family Services to increase self-funding account and address Welfare Budget overexpenditures: Ranelli/Annunziata Unanimous.

-Following discussion, upon a MOTION of Mr. Ranelli, seconded by Mrs. Annunziata, it was unanimously voted to recommend to Board of Finance increase in self-funding account of Youth & Family Services in the amount of $3,250 for Student Assistance Program as requested.

-Selectmen concurred that more money will ultimately be needed in the Welfare Budget of Youth & Family Services due to steady increase in the number of welfare cases the town handles; the Board of Finance will be so notified.


Mrs Maynard noted:

-Bids for school bonds were opened on 10/3/89 - 2.8M.

-Suggestions have been received regarding appointment of a Development Committee for the Saybrook Pt. property which would include members of Park & Rec, Planning, Board of Finance and the public to concern themselves with appropriation for a design for development of the site which would meet with Board of Finance approval. Mr. Ranelli would consider appointment of a committee only if Park & Rec needs help. Mrs. Annunziata noted that the Town Hall/Main St. School Study Committee will have final figure to present to Board of Finance in the near future.


-Rec' d.:

-Building Inspector's Report - September
Est. Costs: $819,860

-Recommendation from F. Radcliffe of satisfactory completion of Cove Landing, to be approved upon placement of monuments; no maintenance bond required.


-In response to Mrs. Timinskas' inquiry regarding involvement of Park & Rec with Saybrook Pt., Mrs. Maynard commented that Park & Rec sent a letter citing enabling ordinance and requesting that selectmen not take further action; Park & Rec would carry project through. Fort Saybrook Park Assoc. is still willing to develop the site, Mr. Maynard noted.

-M. Gesick stated that she understood Fort Saybrook Monument Park Assoc will only get involved if the *Point* property is a passive park; further, she feels the town has an obligation to follow through with a plan following the public hearing.

-T. Burke would like the selectmen to consider again asking the Board of Finance to reconsider the $4,000 appropriation for TPA; the public feels we bought something we don't know what to do with, Mr. Burke said.

-Mrs. Annunziata expressed a desire to brine the matter to the Board of Finance again and suggested that more information be sought and presented to the Board in an effort to gain approval.

The meeting was adjourned at 9:35 p.m

Respectfully submitted,
Carol Suits, Secretary