OSWPCA: Sunshine / Minutes: Board of Selectmen - 07Mar90

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Town of Old Saybrook
Selectmen's Meeting
Selectmen's Office
March 7, 1990

1. The meeting was called to order at 7:05 p.m.

2. Selectmen's Meeting minutes of 2/21, 3/1, 3/2, 3/5, and 3/7/90 were approved as submitted. WPCA minutes of 2/21/90 were also approved as submitted.

Citizen's comment:

Jerry Adam requested and was granted time to respond to a Hartford Courant article of 3/7/90 which quoted him as saying that it was unusual for the two appraisals on the property to be purchased by the town to be 40% different. Jerry responded that it was NOT unusual to have this difference between appraisals when they are done at different times and with different objectives.

3. Old Business:

a. Shirley Annunziata presented a Waterfront Commission request for $9,985 out of this year's budget in order to allow immediate repairs, maintenance and improvements at town docks. It was moved by R. Fish, seconded by C. Von Dassel, and approved unanimously to recommend this expenditure to the Board of Finance at their next regularly scheduled meeting. The Waterfront Commission also submitted their capital improvement plan for the next five years.

b. Dan Christy presented a status report from the Saybrook Point Study Committee. He praised the committee and the quality of its members, but recognizes an honest difference of opinion between members which has slowed progress on the committee. While continuing to hope that one solution for the development of the Point will emerge from the process, members are presently working on two alternative plans for presentation to the Selectmen and then to the public. Roger Goodnow stated that he hopes that the present work will result in a single plan, so that a winner/loser vote of the public can be avoided. The committee is also continuing to investigate property deeds in order to determine how we might connect the two parks at the Point.

4. New Business:

a. It was moved by C. Von Dassel, seconded by R. Goodnow, and unanimously voted to add a discussion of Affordable Housing to the agenda. Vicki McCourt has been investigating recent state requirements and presented this information to the Board. Her recommendation was that we reactivate the town Affordable Housing Committee, that the Planning Commission include a simple generic statement of encouragement for affordable housing in its Plan of Development, that the Zoning Commission then go ahead as soon as possible to set regulations and conditions which will further encourage affordable housing in town, and that we then allow non-profit organizations to take over the actual development projects. Roger Goodnow agreed to send out a letter this week to call for interested professional people to become members of the new housing committee.

5. Comments from Selectmen:

a. The Board of Selectmen has agreed to develop a proposal for a new policy on bidding procedures to be presented to the Board of Finance at its regular April meeting.

b. Monthly reports from the Building Department and the Fire Marshal were presented.

c. It was moved-by R. Fish, seconded by C. Von Dassel, and unanimously voted to hold a special meeting of the WPCA on March 14 at 8:00 p.m. in order to discuss the next actions needed on the proposed sewer project. The Board of Finance and William Hogan of DEP will be invited to attend.

6. Correspondence and Discussion with Public:

a. A letter was received concerning the Environmental Earth Day Program to be held in April. The Board agreed to try to find someone interested in being the town coordinator for the program.

b. A statement was read from Governor O'Neill proclaiming Older Workers Week.

c. The press and citizens in the audience asked the Board of Selectmen for detailed information concerning the so-called Re-evaluation Committee that has been formed. Roger Goodnow agreed to find answers for a list of about nine questions.

d. The press and citizens in the audience asked what the Board of 'Selectmen was going to do about the recent discovery that the SLF appraisal of the proposed ewer plant site location was considerably less than the presently-contracted option price on the land. The Selectmen stated that they were already invest- igating the situation, but cautioned against over-reaction to this information. As a response to the Selectmen's concerns about the costs of delaying the project or the loss of the site, Mrs. Gesick from the audience stated that we didn't need to worry about that, because we could just seize the land through eminent domain. The Selectmen promised a thorough review of all the information.

7. The meeting was adjourned at 8:45 p.m. C. Von Dassel made the motion, it was seconded by R. Goodnow, and it passed unanimously.

Submitted by Robert Fish - Selectman