OSWPCA: Sunshine / Minutes: Board of Selectmen - 16May90

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Selectmen's Office - Old Saybrook Town Hall

PRESENT: First Selectmen Roger Goodnow, Sel. Robert Fish, Sel. Carl Von Dassel, Exec. Asst. Elaine Staplins, Town Counsel Jeremiah Donovan, Finance Board Chairman Charles Stone, Fire Chief Cole Bushnell, Asst. Fire Chief Ed Adanti, Waterfront Commission Chairman Shirley Annunziata, Harbormaster Robert Jensen, interested citizens and members of the press.

The meeting was called to order at 7:03 p.m.

Upon a MOTION of R. Fish, seconded by C. Von Dassel, the minutes of the Board of Selectmen's meeting of 5/2/90 and the Water Pollution Control Authority Meeting of 5/9/90 were unanimously approved as presented.


1) Discuss letter from A. Ronca regarding extension of contract which the town is currently under for purchase of his property.

2) Consider offer to buy remnants of fire engine.

3) Request of Waterfront Commission.

4) Discussion regarding FEMA money received in connection with Hurricane Gloria for Ferry Rd. dock.

5) Discussion of adjustments to budget pursuant to recommendation of Board of Finance.

SO MOVED: Fish/Von Dassel. Unan.



Harbormaster Robert Jensen reported on the necessity to eliminate derelict boats and moorings, implement mooring standards and establish a grid system. Mr. Jensen elaborated on his request of May 1, 1990 for $800 for the purchase ot two signs to be placed on the shores of the Connecticut River to inform the boating public of specific speed, safety and noise restrictions between the outer lighthouse and the entrance to No. Cove. Inquiries of the selectmen regarding life expectancy, installation and removal, approval from the Borough of Fenwick, and number of bids were answered by Mr. Jensen. Upon a MOTION of R. Fish, seconded by C. Von Dassel, it was unanimously voted to recommend $800 appropriation to the Board of Finance from Contingency for signs as requested.


Discussion was held on the D.E.P. boat which was delivered this date regarding: the mutual decision by Police Chief E. Mosca and Fire Chief C. Bushnell that C. Bushnell would be in charge; the fact that the boat would be the responsibility, financially, of both the Fire Department and the Police Department; acceptance of the boat with the pump not working; the Town's responsibility of $1800/yr. for insurance coverage. Town Counsel J. Donovan reviewed the present contract the town has with the D.E.P.
R. Fish brought attention to the fact that acceptance of responsibility for the boat was done with reluctance. C. Von Dassel expressed reservations as to whether acceptance of the boat was the right thing to do. R. Goodnow expressed trepidation with regard to management of the boat. Discussion of costs to make the boat operational was held. C. Bushnell expressed the opinion that the boat could be functional, but it would only be functional if used on a single agency basis. R. Goodnow noted that Bob Byak, of D.E.P., did not have confidence that a combined use of the boat was practical or would be successful. Upon a MOTION of R. Goodnow, seconded by C. Von Dssel, it was agreed not to renew the contract with D.E.P. and to return the boat to the D.E.P. Unanimous.


A. R. Fish MOVED and C. Von Dassel seconded approval of tax refund in the amount of $$940 to David Armstrong, per Sec. 12-129, Refund of Excess Payments.

APPRV. $3,588.53 APP & CUT - FIRE -

B. C. Von Dassel MOVED and R. Fish seconded approval of $3,588.53 bill from Appleby & Cutone for services during Pye & Hogan fire and recommended said appropriation to Board of Finance from Contingency. Unan. It was noted that said bill has been submitted to FEMA for reimbursement.


C. Selectmen and Town Counsel J. Donovan discussed letter from A. Ronca requesting that he be informed in writing whether the town has met the contingencies outlined in par. 7 of the contract which would allow the town to purchase his property on Ferry Rd; for the wastewater sewage treatment plant and whether the town wishes to have an extension of said agreement. Atty. Donovan noted that some contingencies have been done, others have not, and if the contingencies do not occur and the closing does not take place by June 30, 1990, the contract becomes null and void. C. Von Dassel MOVED and R. Fish seconded that A. Ronca be notified that the town has not met the contingencies at this time and extension of the agreement has not been decided at this point; further, that the possibility of purchasing the site at a future date should not be ruled out. Unanimous.


D. R. Goodnow MOVED and R. Fish seconded approval of acceptance of George Rehberg's offer of $150 for remnants of fire engine behind the firehouse, to be removed by Mr. Rehberg as soon as possible. Unan.


E. Following discussion, R. Goodnow MOVED and R. Fish seconded approval of request of the Waterfront Commission to use an excess amount of $2,000 in its Personnel Acct. for removal of sunken boats at the Ferry Rd. dock, contingent upon a guarantee from the commission that they will not overextend in the Expenses & Supplies Acct. in the F.Y. 1989-90 budget.


F.   R. Goodnow reported that he has reviewed files with Barbara Maynard regarding the disposition of FEMA funds relating to Hurricane Gloria; specifically, with reference to the repairs which were not made to the Perry Rd. dock. He brought the selectmen up to date on the circumstances known to him at present: that the town had accepted $17,182.00 for said repair; that the one bid which was received was too high; that the money had been put into an exchange account; that an extension had been requested stating that work would be completed by 9/87; that the money was taken out of the exchange account and put into the general fund. A letter will be written to OPM acknowledging that the town did not comply and requesting an extension, R. Goodnow said. Members of the Waterfront Commission were asked to initiate a plan and identify in capital outlay budget.

G. The selectmen signed a Proclamation designating May 13-19 as National Insurance Women's Week.


H. BUDGET ADJUSTMENTS/REDUCTIONS as recommended by Board of Finance......
The following options were discussed:
Per R. Fish: to make adjustments in operating budget appropriation in the fixed charges area; to take up Fire Department offer - $47,000 reduction in Capital Outlay; to delete money set aside for sewer project for this year.
R. Goodnow expressed a desire to retain all or some portion of the monies in the fixed charges area to implement future salary/benefit adjustments that may result from current efforts to establish comprehensive personnel policies and procedures. C. Stone indicated that the Board of Finance would not allow the monies to remain without benefit of specific proposed usage. C. Stone acknowledged that the Board of Selectmen and the Board of Finance must be willing to demonstrate a tangible commitment to getting back on track in honoring the wage step system, as developed in the Thompson Study, once the personnel policies and procedures have been completed and accepted.
Following further discussion, R. Fish ROVED and C. Von Dassel seconded appoval of the following adjustments:
1) Cut $70,000 from Blue Cross/Blue Shield;
2) Cut $140,000 out of Capital Outlay Sewer Fund;
3) Add $10,000 to capital improvement budget for Waterfront Comm.


I. Upon a MOTION of R. Goodnow, seconded by R. Fish, it was unanimously voted to set dates with regard to the 1990-91 Budget for meetings as follows: 1) Public Hearing; 2) Town Meeting to adjourn to referendum and budget presented as two separate questions -- General Government and Board of Education.

The meeting was adjourned at 9:30 p.m.

Respectfully submitted,
Carol Suits, Secretary