OSWPCA: Sunshine / Minutes: Board of Selectmen - 18May90

Text facsimile

D.E.P. Office, Hartford, CT

PRESENT: First Selectman Roger Goodriow, Sel. Robert Fish, Westbrook First Sel. Paula Ferrara, Clinton First Sel. Virginia Zawoy, Bill Hogan, Dennis Greci and Adrian Freund, of the D.E.P., a member of the Clinton WPCA, and one member of the press.

The meeting was called to order at 9:30 a.m.

R. Goodnow reported on the status of the sewer project in O.S., including conveying the concerns and primary issues that prevail which are affecting the forward movement of the project.

Additional comments were offered by the First Selectmen of Clinton and Westbrook regarding the project's effect on their communities.

Mr. Freund stated the following:
1) that there was nothing brought forth which suggested to him that D.E.P. should hold back on proceding with the intentions to sue the town;.
2) that in no way would D.E.P. give any consideration to allowing additional discharges into the L.I. Sound, specifically into the community of Westbrook.
Mr. Freund also made a commitment from D.E.P. to attempt to work in a supportive mariner to assist the community of Old Saybrook in the following ways:
1) D.E.P. would expedite the releasing of the Environmental Impact Report which D.E.P. was preparing which states their findings and justification for the need for the project.
2) D.E.P. is going to be more actively responding to statements made by various organizations and the community of Old Lyme, which they perceived as being inaccurate or false statements connected to the project.
3) Consideration should be given to development of a forum that would invite various spokesmen from the L.I. Sound Advisory Council, the Sierra Club, etc. to address the positions on the proposed wastewater treatment plant to clarity their positions.

The meeting was adjourned at 11:15 a.m.

Submitted by: First Sel. Roger Goodnow