OSWPCA: Sunshine / Minutes: Board of Selectmen - 20Jun90

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Selectmen's Office - Old Saybrook Town Hall

PRESENT: First Selectman Roger Goodnow, Sel. Robert Fish, Sel. Carl Von Dassel, Town Counsel Jeremiah Donovan, Bill Hogan, of the Department of Environmental Protection, Town Treasurer Gloria Fogg. Sanitarian Jack Milkofsky, Ronald Baldi, Anthony Ronca, Atty. Hugh Manke, Park & Recreation Director Vickie Duffy, interested citizens and members of the press.

The meeting was called to order at 7:04 p.m.

Upon a MOTION of R. Fish, seconded by C. Von Dassel, minutes of the following meetings of the Board of Selectmen were unanimously approved as presented: 5/18/90 (WPCA), 6/6/90 and 6/15/90.


A.   R. Fish-MOVED and C. Von Dassel seconded approval of tax refund in the amount of $60.86 to General Electric Credit Corp. Auto Lease, Inc. per Sec. 12-129, Refund of Excess Payments. Unanimous.


B. Upon a request of the Parks & Recreation Commission and following discussion, R. Goodnow MOVED and R. Fish seconded approval of the commission's use of $1300 remaining in 1989-90 capital outlay budget for unanticipated expenses necessary for operation of the Mini Golf Course at Saybrook Pt. ($1,000) and needed water line repairs at Harvey's Beach ($300). Unanimous. V. Duffy requested help from the Board and Treasurer Gloria Fogg in setting up sponsor accounts.


C. Gloria Fogg informed the selectmen that bond counsel has requested financial information in order to determine the necessary amount to borrow to cover expenses of town government for July and August. R. Fish suggested that the tax bills could be sent out and a savings realized if an interim rate of around 13 mills was set, the difference to be made up in the January tax bills if that figure is different from the actual mill rate. Following discussion, the Board unanimously approved the issuance of municipal bonds and authorized Gloria Fogg to proceed with bond counsel.


D. With reference to possible use of Marine I by the Fire Dept., R. Goodnow reported that it is a concensus of the department officers that Marine I is tired. Regarding its disposition, C. Von Dassel reminded the Board that Grant Westerson had offered the town a free appraisal, and the selectmen agreed to pursue that course of action. R. Goodnow noted that the use of Marine I by Pierini Construction to alleviate safety problems in connection with the Baldwin Bridge construction was not met enthusiastically by police Chief Mosca. The matter was tabled.


E. Addition to agenda: New septic lagoon and cleaning of lagoon. MOTION: Goodnow/Von Dassel. Unan.
J. Milkofsky explained how the addition of a septic lagoon and cleaning of one lagoon would generate needed income. He also elaborated on how weather conditions affect this situation. Increasing the $25 user fee was discussed. Problems encountered recently with bids solicited and received were explained by Mr. Milkofsky. Following discussion the selectmen approved solicitation of re-bids for a new lagoon and cleaning of a lagoon, a completion date to be added to the specifications, funds to be taken from the 1989-90 budget, and contract to be awarded to the low bidder.



Discussion was held with parties involved in the proposed extension of the agreement to purchase the Ronca and Baldi properties on Ferry Road as the site for the proposed wastewater treatment plant.
...Atty. Manke representing A. Ronca, noted that if the town goes ahead with the plant and use of the Ferry Road property, it is important that the agreement to purchase the land define what the obligation of the town is going to be and that if the agreement is modified, it is going to be binding.
...R. Goodnow noted that the purpose of this meeting was to begin dialogue regarding the extension of the agreement.
...Town Counsel J. Donovan noted that the contract will always be contingent on funding approval and Tri-town Agreement approval by referendum.
...Regarding the town's eligibility for loan, assurance was given by Bill Hogan, of the D.E.P., that amount in the present contracts has D.E.P. approval.
...The contingencies in the agreement were discussed; in particular, which contingencies have been met and the duration of the contingencies.
...The approval process was reviewed; i.e., that the Board of Finance must recommend proposed project to town meeting which then must adjourn to referendum. It was noted that if the referendum were to go down again, D.E.P.'s reaction would be uncertain.
...Atty. Manke emphasized the need to have a sense from the Board of Selectmen that the issue is not the purchase price, rather the minor legal issues.
...The Board of Selectmen concurred that the amount is appropriate but that it translates into the ability to commit to that price considering other factors over which there is no control. It was pointed out that a stumbling block was the price of the land due to the new appraisals.
...It was noted that the D.E.P. is in full agreement with the original contracts and acknowledges that additional costs would be incurred if this site were not secured.
...Atty. Manke requested that the Board advocate to the Board of Finance the purchase price in the present agreement and a 30-day extension on the agreement in order to carry out its responsibilities. Atty. Donovan noted that the selectmen are not in a position to make that kind of a contract.
...It was agreed by all involved to extend the agreement, under its present terms, to August 1, 1990..


..R. Fish commented on his recent trip aboard the research vessel Enviro Lab where samples were taken of life at different levels in the river and the sound.

..Selectmen set July 5th for a Special Town Budget Meeting, and C. Von Dassel MOVED and R. Fish seconded that said Town Meeting be adjourned to a referendum vote on July 12th from 6 a.m. to 8 p.m. at the firehouse.


Approximately 40-50 town government employees voiced opposition to the recent reconmiendatjon of the Board of Finance to further reduce the 1989-90 budget through reduction of their work week by 2 1/2 hrs. A majority of the employees requested that the selectmen ask the Board of Finance to rescind the notion to reduce the general government budget by $230,000.

The meeting was adjourned at 9:50 p.m.

Respectfully submitted,
Carol Suits, Secretary